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more than 25 years of experience

I am a skilled and dedicated tradesmen who is punctual, polite and professional in everything I do. I can undertake all aspects of property improvement including carpentry and joinery, plastering and tiling, plumbing and electrical work and I specialise in painting and decorating. I am very proud of the good reputation that I have built over the years with much of my work coming from personal recommendation. Please click here  to read about the Which? Local award recently awarded to me. Why not give me a call for your free, no obligation quotation?
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Why Choose MVPS

Marc Voss Friendly. Professional, Reliable, Experienced, Knowledgeable and work finished to Perfection. .. Words   not   typically   associated   with   property   maintenance   companies,   but   those   frequently   used   by   my   customers   to   describe my   services.   I   have   worked   on   the   famous   Blackpool Tower   Ballroom, The   Curve Theatre, Tusmore   Estate   Buildings   Project   and The Nevil Holt Hall Project. My   business   is   built   on   quality,   reliability   and   accountability,   with   a   professional   and   responsive   approach.      All   Tradesmen   I employ   are   also   to   the   same   standard   as   myself   and   have   worked   for   me   for   many   years,   therefore,   they   fulfil   all   the   qualities   as detailed above.  I expect them to deliver and perform to the same standard and quality as myself.
High quality Workmanship In   my   line   of   work,   my   reputation   is   what   makes   (or   could   break)   me.   That’s   why   I   can   guarantee   good   quality   work   from   my years of experience, my qualifications, the extent of my knowledge and hands-on skills to get it right, first time. Peace of Mind My   manner   and   commitment   to   ensure   your   work   is   completed   to   the   highest   quality   is   paramount   to   me.   Therefore,   you   can relax   knowing   that   I   am   fully   insured,   and   hold   all   relevant   qualifications   including   advanced   carpentry   and   joinery   also   I   am CSCS registered. Attention to Detail Doing   the   job   right   does   not   just   refer   to   how   good   I   am.      Each   project   I   manager,   I   coordinate   every   detail,   from   plumbing, electrics, plastering and decorating to make absolutely sure things stay on track and are completed to the highest standard. A Transparent Service MVPS   quotations   and   invoices   are   clear   and   straightforward   with   no   hidden   fees   or   costly   last-minute   surprises.   I   will   always account   for   any   unforeseen   circumstances   which   could   in   return   mean   you   get   money   back.   I   pride   myself   on   honesty   and simplicity making working for my customers a good experience. Quick Response Times Like   most   people,   I   prefer   it   when   a   job   is   handled   quickly   and   professionally   and   with   no   fuss.   I   will   discuss   with   you   a convenient   time   for   you,   to   allow   me   to   visit   your   property   to   look   and   discuss   all   your   requirements.   I   will   then   return   to   the   office and prepare a quotation and you will receive this within 24 hours if by email 48 hours if by post. Our Customers I   am   comfortable   working   with   individuals   or   for   companies,   with   people   who   own   one   property   or   people   who   own   many. Take   a look at my testimonials to see who I have recently worked with and their feedback.
We now have the facility for customers to pay by debit and credit card