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Whichever situation you find yourself in, I can provide you with just what you need; a lasting and cost-effective answer. After listening carefully to your requirements, I will use my experience and expertise to carry out all the maintenance or improvements to a very high standard.Whether you need 1st or 2nd fix joinery, new flooring, a new kitchen or bedroom, a bathroom refurbishment or any plumbing and electrical work, I am a dedicated professional who will complete the job quickly and efficiently. Go on, give me a call. You'll be glad you did.

Kitchen Fitting

Over   the   last   20   years   I   have   built   up   a   wealth of   knowledge   in   the   kitchen   fitting   industry, from    working    for    companies    such    as,    MFI, Howden’s,   Magnet   and   now   within   my   own business.      This   involves   lots   of   trades   from plumbing   to   electricians,   to   which   I   employ quality   tradesmen   to   fulfil   these   areas,   all   of whom   have   equal   quality   and   professionalism as    me.A    kitchen    refurbishment    is    a    time consuming   job,   there   for   it   is   imperative   that the   job   progresses   at   a   steady   pace   with   no delays    enabling    you    to    enjoy    the    finished result   as   soon   as   possible.      This   again   I   can guarantee   by   all   the   tradesmen   I   employ   and also    from    the    diversity    of    all    the    trades    I personally   am   able   to   fulfil.      I   listen   carefully to    all    the    requirements    and    needs    of    my customers   to   ensure   I   complete   the   Kitchen   to all    aspects    of    their    desires.        From    fully managing   the   complete   project,   start   to   finish, including   tiling,   plastering   and   electrician’s,   I can   ensure   quality   craftsmanship   of   which   is second to none.

Bathroom Fitting & Tiling

Please   take   a   moment   to   look   at   the   gallery   to see   the   different   types   of   bathroom   and   tiling   I have   recently   completed   Bathroom   fitting   has become   more   complex   and   detailed   over   the years   and   is   now   a   room   considered   to   need the   same   detail,   quality   and   inspiration   as   a main   room   in   the   home   from   the   right   fixtures, fittings   and   accessories   to   create   a   bathroom that is everything that you have dreamed of.

Laminate & Hardwood


Wood    and    laminated    flooring    has    become very     popular     in     all     styles     and     finishes. Laminated   flooring   is   the   perfect   solution   for anyone    who    wants    a    truly    affordable    floor which   looks   like   real   wood,   stone   or   tile,   but without   the   premium   price.   Over   the   years,   I have   built   up   my      experience   and   knowledge     in   all   flooring   including   solid   wood,   laminate, and wood flooring.

General Property


I    am    more    than    happy    to    undertake    the smallest    job    to    the    biggest.        Quality    is achieved   in   all   my   jobs   and   I   pride   myself   in my    professionalism    and    knowledge    to    fulfil this.Everybody’s       needs       are       individual, however,   equally   important   to   the   individual, all of which I am happy to complete

Painting & Decorating

Over   the   last   20   years   I   have   built   up   a   wealth of   knowledge   and   expertise   in   painting   and decorating     which     initially     stemmed     from working   for   an   interior   designer.      From   this   I gained    a    wealth    of    unique    and    individual styles   for   all   different   tastes   and   a   step   above the   general   decorator.With   my   eye   for   colour and   my   detail   to   perfection,   I   work   well   with my   customers   to   decide   on   final   colours   and schemes to give the final look and desire.

Carpentry, Joinery &


From    my    experience    of    working    on    new builds,   commercial   building   and   shop   fitting   I have      all      the      relevant      knowledge      and qualification   in   1st   and   2nd   fix.      I   am   able   to offer   ideas   and   also   work   with   customers   to discuss   their   ideas   and   between   us   come   up with    the    finish    look    they    require.    When    it comes    to    bedroom    furniture,    I    have    the supplier   who   can   deliver   bespoke   furniture, custom   made   of   which   I   can   fit   and   adapt   to any     customer’s     needs.The     garden     is     an extension   to   your   home   and   from   adding   a decked    area    you    can    encapsulate    another room   outside.      I   am   able   to   supply   and   fit decking   from   a   small   seated   area   to   a   large raised    area    offering    all    different    styles    and designs.
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